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There are many things that should concern a property owner or somebody looking to purchase property. Are there encroachments from the property adjoiner(s)? Is the property located within a flood zone? Are the boundary lines marked and painted so they can be found?

There are online websites that land owners or buyers can access to get a sense of what the land looks like, if there are encroachments, contours, or if the property lies within a flood hazard area.  Most counties operate a Geographic Information System (GIS) website that users can access to view the property. Keep in mind, these GIS websites are not perfect and the information on them is not guaranteed to be accurate. A survey from a licensed surveyor is recommended to verify any boundary locations, encroachments, contours, and flood zone locations.

 Most counties also have an online Register of Deeds that can be searched to find the deed(s) to parcels. 

Below are some useful land survey links to some of the Register of Deeds and GIS websites for  Western North Carolina counties.

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