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Before image of a laurel thicket through a boundary line

At Davenport, Ivey and Associates, Inc., we believe that it is important that you can find your boundary lines after a boundary survey is complete. A survey plat or map shows you the boundary deminsions, structure locations, road locations, acreage etc... A well marked line allows you to physically walk your boundaries and know where they are located. We take pride in trimming out, marking, painting, and flagging our boundary lines. More important, this is included in our surveying estimates at no additional costs. We feel that a survey just isn't complete if you can't find your boundary lines. We follow the "unwritten standards" of land surveying by marking and witnessing your boundary corners and lines. This helps current/future owners and neighboring property adjoiners to understand where the boundary line really is. We have been able to retrace some of our boundary lines that are 25+ years old using marks and paint that still exist to a trained eye. We spare no expense and use high grade tree marking paint that last for many years, especially in shaded areas. Many companies use a cheaper upside down marking paint that may only last for months.

We realize there may be some reasons that you do not want your line marked, flagged and painted. If you do not wish for this to be done, we can do your survey work without the marking and painting. Please let us know ahead of time if you don't want your lines marked and painted.

So what is a marked line? To our company, a marked line is one that is trimmed out, marked (our company uses two hacks facing the property line),  flagging (we use red flagging with the knot of the flagging facing the property line), and long lasting orange tree marking paint over the hacks on the trees. We witness trees where there are monuments using the standard double hack then a blaze which points towards the monument. We use red and blue flagging with the knots facing the corner at all monuments.

When it comes to finding your boundary lines on the ground, you got the right company here to do the job for you!

This is how we trim out, mark, flag, and paint lines!

After image after we marked, flagged and painted the boundary line